2015 CTS Conference

CTF--CTS: Foundations for the Future

Fort McMurray, Alberta
Nov 12 - 14, 2015

For information or questions, please contact Tim Kilburn, 2015 Conference Director at conferencedirector2015@ctscouncil.com

CTF--CTS: Foundations for the Future

2015 Conference FAQ

Have questions? Hopefully, they can be answered by reading below.

Can I take the Food Safety course and go on the Oil Sands Tour?
Regrettably, both of these sessions are scheduled for Friday, Nov 13, thus, you'll need to choose between one or the other.
Will I be able to attend the Food Safety course as well as the other Foods sessions?
Yes, definitely. The Food Safety course is on Friday, and the two Foods workshops are scheduled for Saturday off-site.
Is there a fee for the Suncor Oil Sands tour?
No. Suncor Energy Ltd. has generously sponsored this tour so there is no cost to participants.
Is there a fee for the Food Safety Certification course?
No. The CTS Council has waved that fee due to the generous sponsorship by both the Building Trades of Alberta and SafeStart, A Division of ElectroLab Ltd.
Can I attend the off-site workshop sessions as well as many other sessions?
The Workshop sessions are scheduled for Saturday, when Father Mercredi High School is available for our use. We will do our best to schedule sessions so that multiple sessions on the same topic are not coinciding.
Where are the Charter bus pic up locations?
You will be eMailed personally to the address provided with the pick up locations in Calgary and Edmonton.
Can I attend the Surf & Turf Social if I didn't sign up for it at my registration?
Yes, sort of. Please locate your confirmation eMail for the Conference, click the update button, check the box for the Surf & Turf Social, then click the Submit button. You can then pay for the dinner on-line. Please complete this one week prior to the Conference so that accurate numbers can be forwarded to the caterer.
Can I take a camera on the Oil Sands tour?
Yes. There are a few stops along the tour where pictures are welcome.
Do I need to pre-register for any sessions?
Yes. Both the Oil Sands tour and Food Safety course require pre-registration. An eMail was sent to you requesting this information. If you did not receive this, please contact the Conference Director.