2015 CTS Conference

CTF--CTS: Foundations for the Future

Fort McMurray, Alberta
Nov 12 - 14, 2015

For information or questions, please contact Tim Kilburn, 2015 Conference Director at conferencedirector2015@ctscouncil.com

CTF--CTS: Foundations for the Future

2015 Conference Sessions

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Guided Tour of Suncor Oil Sands and Reclamation Area with Tim Kilburn (Fort McMurray Catholic)
Visit Suncor Energy, the world’s first commercially successful oil sands operation. Learn about the advanced technology and massive equipment that is used to produce the incredible resource. Our Suncor Energy Tour guide will explain the oil sands process - from the point where the oil sand is mined from the ground to the final product that travels down the pipeline. Learn about Suncor’s reclamation efforts and see how native plants and animals are thriving on the reclaimed land. This is a four hour tour on Fri, Nov 13. Suncor Energy Ltd has generously sponsored this tour, thus there is no cost to participants. All are welcome. Visit Suncor Energy Ltd. for details.
CTF, CTS, Off-campus and Dual Credit Update with Bill Lomax, David McCann, Danielle Amerongen (Alberta Education)
This session’s presentation and discussion will focus on updates and new programs of study for CTF, CTS, Off-campus and dual credit. CTF topics will include access and use of the CTF curriculum components: program of studies, assessment tools, and implementation supports. Other topics will include new and revised CTS courses, and Off-campus and Dual Credit Strategy updates.
Skills Canada Alberta-Endless Potential with Michael Sury
Skills Canada Alberta (SCA) is a not-for-profit provincial association, which serves to reposition trade and technical careers as a first choice career option for youth in Alberta. In this session, teachers will get an insight into the Regional, Provincial, National and WorldSkills competitions, field trip opportunities, and Skills in the Classroom presentations. What events can my students compete in? How do I register for competitions/field trips? Where can I find the contest description and how to I prepare my students? How can I volunteer? Are there PD sessions I can attend? If you are new to the skills movement, need help motivating fellow teachers, or you want to learn more about SCA, this is the session for you! Visit Skills Canada Alberta for more details.
Food Safety Certification with Alberta Health
Environmental Public Health is offering a "Food Safety" certified course at our Conference. This certificate enables Foods/Culinary teachers to deliver the new FOD3900 course to their students. This is a full day session held at the Sawridge Hotel venue on Fri, Nov 12th. Extra fees for this session, (waved, no charge).
Power Up! Cooking with Milk Products and Eggs with Kristina Isaac
Based on CTS FOD 2060, this free program provides practical learning tasks that start with what students are familiar with — milk products and eggs in their daily diets — and extends their knowledge and skills to cooking science and applications. The session will include cooking, taste-testing and reviewing all program components. You will leave with lesson plans to start teaching the program next week! Space is limited to 25. Foods teachers only. Visit More About Milk for details.
Expanding how to teach food studies: a cross module resource workshop with Sheena Kolacz and Maxine Hackett (Edmonton Public)
During this session you will learn how to hit curricular objectives in multiple modules, using a variety of recipes. Teacher's will receive a resource package which includes: recipes with variations, rubrics, and appropriate theory packages. This is an off-site workshop in a Foods Lab (2.33 hrs)
Using multimedia in cross-curricular projects with Tamarra Price Chambrinho (Fort McMurray Catholic)
I will take this opportunity to share with you some of the projects that have been created in collaboration with core curriculum teachers, using multi-media projects to teach, reinforce or review classroom concepts. Currently we have teachers using Adobe Flash to reinforce heat and temperature concepts in grade 7, AfterEffect to demonstrate science 10 balancing chemical equations, and Photoshop to create health and religion projects. Bring a USB stick if you would like to try some of these projects in your school. Be prepared to explore other resource banks to help you in creating your own projects.
Implementation of a District Wide Personal Safety Safety Protocol with Doug Nelson
This session will focus on the steps required to successfully implement a Personal Safety Protocol across a School District. The success in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools and at St. Josephs CHS in Edmonton will be used to highlight the many aspects required to introduce, implement, and sustain a program. While the SafeStart process will be used as the example the steps that will be shared have far reaching implication. The goal of this session is to establish a set of steps that can be adapted to all outside programming. Visit "SafeStart for more details.
Training for Life: Teaching Workplace Safety Before It's Needed with Sara Rooseboom
"Workplace Health and Safety is an area of great importance for our youth. As they prepare to enter our workforce, whether through a Work Experience or RAP program, or upon finishing school, they need to have the right attitudes and knowledge to stay safe on the job. Sara Rooseboom, Program Coordinator for the Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada, is here to speak to you today about the importance of reaching young workers before they step on their first job site, and how this organization is making safety a more accessible, relatable topic for youth. Safety in Schools delivers free online, industry-recognized workplace safety courses to high school students along with support for teachers and school administrators. We also coordinate in-class visits by safety professionals, and are working to introduce an on-line Ask the Expert forum, which will allow students and teachers to submit questions relating to workplace safety to be answered by a qualified safety professional working in that field. Visit "Safety in Schools Foundation for more details.
Talking Safety So Students Will Listen with Michael Glazier
Safe kids save lives. Period. There is nothing more heart breaking than youth injuries or fatalities in the workplace. It is a devastating loss for youth, their families and our communities. And the real tragedy lies in the fact that these accidents are often preventable. We can teach youth how to prevent these incidents, but given the barriers (lack of engagement, low prioritization, etc.), effective conversations about safety can be challenging. How do we talk safety so students will listen? The Job Safety Skills Society is dedicated to empowering youth to take responsibility for their own safety, and the safety of those around them. Our session focuses on ways to increase youth awareness of their mental and physical well-being and the impact this has on their safety. We will address the work environments they may find themselves in and how to help youth increase their awareness of their surroundings. And we will speak to the rights of the worker, and strategies for supporting youth in speaking up about safety. We look forward to sharing thoughts and insights for bringing safety education into the classroom, and more importantly, into the minds of the young people in our care. Visit Job Safety Skills Society for details.
COS/EST Round Table with Alicia Kneeland (Clearview Public)
One half day to share best lessons, projects, and ideas from your classroom. Please bring at least ONE resource that you use and would like to share. Very open and informal format, discussion in small groups and networking.
ComTech Roundtable with Tamarra Price Chambrinho (Fort McMurray Catholic)
Do you have students working on photography, audio/video, animation and web design all at the same time? Do you find yourself trying to teach something different to everyone all in the same class? This session will give ComTech teachers an opportunity to meet and share ideas on how to best deliver information and lessons in multiple level and multi-course course environments. Please bring an open mind, your most effective practices, and questions for those who may share your challenges. The is be a open and informal format, allowing everyone to discuss what will work best to help our students in the areas they are interested in.
Crochet Away with Gina Troskot (Peace Wapiti Public)
"CTF...Through the 'project based learning' model, participants will learn to teach crocheting to students grades 5 thru 9. Participants will learn to create a slip knot, chain stitch, single, half double and double crochet. Participants will begin a lap blanket. Please provide a size 9 or 10 crochet hook and a 1 skien of 'chunky' yarn, 850gm or larger, some supplies will be available to purchase (at cost). CTF - Fashion Studies. see "Crochet Away for examples.
You're not alone! How to connect with colleagues online around the world with Laura Anderson (Edmonton Catholic(
The curse of CTS: Nothing at staff meetings seems to apply to you, only a handful of people teach the same stuff as you do, and nobody wants to share ideas. CTS teachers often feel isolated and alone in their field, because nobody else in their building teaches the same thing. The good news is that online networks can bring a wealth of encouragement, ideas, and community spirit. I'll show you how to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to benefit you as a CTS teacher. I'll share my experiences, good and bad, as I connected my construction lab to the online universe.
Robotics in the Classroom! with Tom MacIsaac (Fort McMurray Catholic)
This session aims to expose educators to the various robotics platforms available to supplement classroom instruction. Through hands on activities and demonstrations we hope to engage and generate ideas that are viable for all schools. As a culmination to the day we intend on sharing some of the project ideas we use for our 7-8 pre-engineering classes and robotics classes. This is an off-site workshop in the Engineering/Robotics Lab (2.33 hrs)
CTS Robotics and Practical Applications of Skills with Phoebe Arcilla (ADLC)
What does a robotics competition bring to the classroom? I will answer that question and touch on the following: - An analysis of the CTS Courses available. - Some hardware and software choices and recommendations. - Makerspace integration. - Direct automation industry careers as a result of robotics competition participation. - What I do to support robotics competitions. - List of competitions across Alberta.
Sublimation. Why do I need it? with Rick Regoto
Class doesn't have to be boring! Reward your students with the opportunity to be individual in displaying of their graphic abilities in an impressive and unique way. Incorporate the latest ways and means of transforming pictures, logos, artwork, and sketches onto a variety of customized products. Within this workshop you will be introduced to the simplicity of transferring any digital image onto a wide variety of substrates through the process of sublimation. Great for team recognition, student awards, teacher appreciation, motivators, staff appreciation, graduation gifts, incentives and revenue generation, sublimation is a cost effective process producing full color products that will be cherished for a long time. Your students will be able to easily create products such as plaques, ornaments, game scarves, ties, t-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, iPhone cases, puzzles and 100's of other unique products. Visit Image Creations for more details.
Inspiring Entrepreneurial Skills in Students with Caitlin Walton
In this session, we will explore how creativity and innovation can be fostered by developing an entrepreneurial spirit. Students and educators alike can see themselves as entrepreneurs and innovators as we consider the intersection of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and innovation. We will also introduce MindFuel's Edacity program and ENT course resources, which give high school teachers and students a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to learning entrepreneurial skills. This is an interactive, collaborative session.Visit MindFuel (formerly Science Alberta) for more details.
Little money, little resources no problem with Stéphan De Loof (Conseil Scolaire FrancoSud)
Everyday we are forced in our classroom to do more with less. This is especially true with CTS where budgets, time and resources are limited. This does not have to be the case. This session is there to reinvent the fabrication class by presenting such project as the welding rodeo and ways to make the course more dynamic. This presentation will focus on what is ""do-able"" in the welding class and is open to the beginning teacher all the way to the more experience ones. Part of this session will serve as a sharing session.
Build dog houses to teach wall framing with Laura Anderson (Edmonton Catholic(
Here's a project for construction students of all ages: build an insulated dog house using residential framing techniques. All the plans and handouts will be provided. You'll hear stories of success (and failure) as students attempted this project in 2014. You'll also hear about how it can become a community charity project. Teaching CTF? You'll learn how the parameters can be opened up to allow students more "voice and choice" according to project-based learning guidelines. Maybe you just want to learn about building a dog house! That's ok too!
Showcasing CTF/CTS skills and opportunities with an interactive ePortfolio with Damian Matheson
This session will explore how students can build a personalized digital portfolio directly related to CTF/CTS learning outcomes. Beginning at the CTF level with myBlueprint All About Me, and continuing right through to CTS and graduation with myBlueprint Education Planner, students can work independently and with others while exploring careers and technology, build and reflect on career-planning skills, enhance employability and technology-related skills, and prepare for transition into adult roles. This dynamic portfolio will grow along with the student and shared with their community as they develop and explore interests, passions and skills, all while making personal connections to career possibilities. Visit My Blueprint for more details.
Make the kids really and virtually engaged. with Said El Mejdani (Fort McMurray Public)
Coding is fun. Computer Science Make the Kids love Coding. (python,pygame, pyopengl, Java, jogl, c++, Opengl, javascript, html, css).
Robotics, Programming, and 3D printing with Brian Vaughan (Fort McMurray Public)
A beginners walk through of vEx robotics, C++ and arduino programming, and 3D printing. Participants can try out different technologies and see how it is being used in an actual classroom environment.
Teaching Job-Related Skills in the classroom using MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and other web-based platforms with Paul Dunn (Fort McMurray Catholic)
Explore the adaptive nature of on-line learning and how web-based platforms connect students with highly professional training. Students now have the opportunity to experience expert training in a wide range of subjects and work at self-paced exercises and projects. These learning platforms can help supplement classroom instruction and also provide excellent professional development opportunities for educational staff. Free e-learning and fee-based platforms will be discussed as we explore Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and how they can be a positive addition to your school. These methods are currently being implemented to teach computer programming, 3D Modeling, App Development, Computer Game Design, Web Development, Robotics Programming, and Comptia A+ Certification. This is an off-site workshop in an IT Lab (2.33 hrs).
Using Google Apps in Your Classroom with David Teasdale (Clearview Public)
Google Apps for Education can help teachers organization, presentation, marking and tracking in their classrooms. During this session, demonstrations of Calendar (for booking projects or clients in your lab or announcing due dates to students), Forms (used to give theory exams that can sometimes be automatically marked, or to record anecdotal events in your classroom), Drive (to keep all of your theory and quizzes organized), and more will highlight some of the features that can lighten a teacher's load.
Personalizing Learning for Knowledge & Employment Learners in Your CTS Lab with Deborah MacFadyen (Calgary Public)
Personalizing learning is our goal for all learners. It makes learning meaningful and engaging. Uncertain about how to achieve this when there are K&E students in your CTS lab? In this session, Deb will provide an overview of the critical components for the successful implementation of the Knowledge and Employability Occupation courses and an understanding of the K&E learner while reviewing how to personalize plans using the K&E and CTS programs of studies and resources to facilitate successful articulation among courses.